Cinemascope 8 // Best of METU Motion Picture

The most outstanding works of the 2022 graduation year on 7th February.

7 february 2023 18:00 - 22:00

Location: Díszterem

Participation is free of charge, but registration is required!
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Movies will be screened with both English and Hungarian subtitlesSeating is on a first-comefirst-served basis. 

Bálizs Vendel: The Beauty
Lenght: 24:30

Director | Bálizs Vendel
Screenwriter | Bálizs Vendel és Bethlenfalvy Péter
Cameraman | Boós Gergő
Editor | Boós Gergő
Cast | Nagy Dániel, Varga Tamás, Kiss Diána Aida

Levente is a young nurse, he’s taking care of an old man, István who is terminally ill. He is doing a great job, but he’s taking distance from his  patient. István thinks that Levente is his son. It’s hard for Levente to connect with people, the only one exception is his sister, but even with her he has a difficult relationship. The film is following the way he is changing and  how he manages to deal with traumas.

Csihar Arion és Huszár Tímea: Sátán
Lenght: 28:08

Director | Csihar Arion, Belső Marcell
Screenwriter | Belső Marcell
Cameraman | Galambos Eszter
Editor | Boós Gergő

Cast | Patkós Márton, Ónodi Eszter, Gula Péter

Hungary’s best chef pushes her cooks to the brink of insanity. Dani has been working relentlessly for many years, and sacrificed everything for recognition… to no avail. In his final desperation, he makes an alliance with a senior colleague and prepares for something radical. Frustration, beetroot purée and terror - SATAN is a high-voltage tale about the price of extreme ambition.

Havasi Balázs: Hospice
Lenght: 12:06

Director | Beneda Péter, Bretz Árpád
Screenwriter | Beneda Péter, Bretz Árpád
Cameraman | Havasi Balázs
Editor | Azeb Mehdi

Cast | Tóth János Gergely

Hospice (noun)  care is a type of health care that focuses on the sick or  terminally ill patient's pain and symptoms and attending to their emotional and spiritual needs at the end of life.

Horgas Rebeka Noémi: Guess Who?  
Lenght: 24:30

Director | Horgas Rebeka
Screenwriter | Kardos Eszter, Horgas Rebeka
Cameraman | Sallak Dóra
Editor | Horgas Rebeka

Cast | Horgas Ráhel, Hencz András

Two young couples gather for a game night. Milla, Zalán, Alíz and Boti have been friends for years, but this night is not without some tension between them. It quickly becomes clear that games are not only played on the board, and stakes are higher than that anyone would have expected…

Jesse Dóra: No Control
Lenght: 26:49

Director | Jesse Dóra
Sreenwriter | Viszokai Kristóf
Editor | Faddi Lilla

Cast | Jesse Gábor, Törőcsik Éva, Jesse Dóra

The film presents an Underground, punk band that appeared in a small town in Borsod county in the eighties. In the depressing factory town of the forgotten Eastern Hungary, a movement called Privát Nihil started, which resulted in an amazingly high-quality music world. The focus of the film is the frontman of the band, my father, who embodies genius, but he could not enforce it because of his principles, addictions and demons. Gábor Jesse's strong character created a world, a mini-state, where you can take all your traumas and shout them out. But this roar comes at a price.

Lendvai Lili: Barnabás
Lemght: 23:52

Director | Lendvay Lili
Screenwriter | Zelei Zsófia
Cameraman | Zelei Zsófia
Editor | Varga Norbert

Cast | Tóth Marcell, Kökényessy Ágnes

Barnabás is a 22 years old boy who we can observe throughout the film within his own personal environments, in his comfort zone. During these 24 minutes, the viewer is offered a glimpse into someone’s everyday life who lives with a personality disorder. In this one and a half week into Barnabas’ life we can examine how he deteriorates as he helplessly drifts back-and-forth, until one day the external factors controlling his decisions make him over step a certain line, leading Barnabás to fight his life-or-death battle.

Papp Atilla: Pásztor Stairs, 13th of September
Lenght: 27:31

Director| Papp Atilla 
Screenwriter | Papp Atilla 
Cameraman | Bácskai Bálint
Editor | Bartha Zsófia

Cast | Wunderlich József, Ficzere Béla, Tímár Éva

A man believes he have witnessed a murder on the Pásztor stairs in Budapest. As he becomes increasingly obsessed with the case, an irresolvable confrontation develops between the man in search of meaning and the meaningless world around him.

Polus Péter: Fantazma
Lenght: 17:46

Director | Ney Gábor 
Screenwriter | Polus Péter, Ney Gábor 
Cameraman | Polus Péter
Editor | Kovács Dávid

Cast | Horkay Barnabás, Vajda Vilmos, Hirtling István

Dani (26) starts every day waking up from his sleep. The problems of his relationships haunts him like bad dreams, driving him almost to the brink of madness. For several months, he dreams of nothing but incomprehensible shapes and figures, which he tries to draw in his dream diary day after day, unsuccessfully. One day, Dani, working as a food courier, receives a suburban address and, without knowing it, arrives at a turning point in his life when he meets Don (50). This is when his journey starts in an alternate reality, where Dani's repressed traumas come to life. How many times do we really wake up in our lives?

Szakcsy Mihály: Shadowing Clouds
Lenght: 18:22

Director | Vida Benedek
Screenwriter | Vida Benedek
Cameraman | Szacsky Mihály
Editor | Kovács Dávid

Cast | Porogi Ádám, Nagy Katica, Nagy Juli

The 18 minute-long mysterious drama is centered around Alex who is trying to bring back his dead girlfriend, Linda, from the Other Side through an obscure castle, where people can visit their loved ones.  Suddenly, a plan occurs to him in the castle.  Alex meets Lala, who got tragically stuck in transit for long years. She collects travelers’ soul for the castle to reduce her own years. Alex plans to trick Lala to the Other Side and leave her there in exchange for Linda.  The lovers unite on the Other Side, but death cannot be fooled, Alex’s misdeed does not remain unpunished.

Tóth Gergő: Isolated
Hossz: 20:21

Director | Tóth Gergő
Screenwriter | Tóth Gergő és Kelemen Alexandra
Cameraman | Lőrinczi Norbert
Editor | Domoki Bence

Cast | Szécsi Bence, László Zsolt

The 23-year-old, lonely and shy Dávid finds himself in the crossfire of questions and lectures at a family lunch because he does not have a girlfriend. The situation is further complicated by the fact that his beloved brother tell, that he proposed his partner. Mom cheers, dad runs to the booze, Dávid stares in front of him on the sofa. Our protagonist is looking for a solution in online dating. But can cure his loneliness, that the little mouse is pretending to be a lion?

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