15th Romanian Film Week: Manor House - Malmkrog

feature film, Romania/Serbia/Sweden/Swiss/Bosnia/Macedonia/GBr/France,, 200 min, 2019
in French-Russian-German-Hungarian-English-Romanian languages, with Hun. subtiteles

Show times:

Director: Cristi Puiu

A landowner, a politician, a countess, a General and his wife gather in a spacious manor house and discuss death, war, progress and morality. As time passes by, the discussion becomes more serious and heated.

"Puiu is a man of extremes; every film is an exercise in aesthetics, plunging us into the depths of time. Continuing in the same vein, Malmkrog, which is based on a text by Russian philosopher Vladimir Solovyov, is a global journey through history and a tour de force of thought. Nevertheless, the current work stands out stylistically on account of its perfect mise en scène and the era's precise look, reinforcing the intellectual heights of the œuvre. A fascinating fresco that also delivers a razor-sharp criticism of our own times." (Berlinale)

Program of the 15th Romanian Fim Week>>

In the cooperation of the Romanian Cultural Intitute Budapest and the Urania National Film Theatre, with the support of the Romanian Film Centre (CNC) and the National Cultural Fund (NKA).

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