FILM/ZENE: A Quiet Home

8 march 2024 18:00 - 20:00

Location: Csortos terem

András Berki and Éva Ács are among those few fortunate people whose housing applications have – finally, after much delay – been processed and they can move into their very first home. In their joy they start buying furnishings, only to discover that the housing office has mistakenly allocated them both the same flat. Since neither joker András nor spirited Éva are prepared to give up their claim on the flat, the pair are forced to spend the next few days in each other’s company, which, naturally, opens the door to a blossoming love affair. A Quiet Home is a truly entertaining comedy from the early Kádár era, which sweetens the problems of housing and bureaucracy with several catchy tunes.

Screening in cooperation with the National Film Institute Hungary - Film Archive.

The event is part of the program series FILM/MUSICsupported by the National Cultural Fund. For its schedule, please click here.

Director: Frigyes Bán

Screenplay by Armand Szántó, Mihály Szécsén
DOP: István Eiben
Music by Szabolcs Fényes
Cast: Ferenc Zenthe, Erzsi Galambos, László Ungváry, Irén Psota, István Egri, Márta Fónay

»May. 21. – Tuesday«
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