MOLIÈRE 400: The Miser

Harpagon's greed gets in the way of his two children’s romantic plans

6 october 2022 19:00 - 21:20

Location: Díszterem

Harpagon, a rich widower, is obsessed with money. His avarice gets in the way of his two children’s romantic plans: Élise is in love with Valère, a Neapolitan gentleman in her father’s service as a steward, and Cléante wishes to marry Mariane, a young orphan with no fortune. When he learns that his son is his rival for the beautiful Mariane and that a box of gold has been stolen from him, his fury knows no bounds, leaving his entire family astonished at his behaviour...

The screening is part of the series MOLIÈRE 400 - Theatre broadcasts recorded at the Comédie-Française. To see all performances of the series, click here>>>


Normal ticket price: 3600 HUF

Discounted ticket price for students, pensioners, teachers: 3200 HUF
Please note that discount tickets are only available at the cash desk where eligibility for the discount ticket must be certified.

Director: Lilo Baur

Cast: Alain Lenglet, Francoise Gillard, Jerome Pouly, Laurent Stocker, Serge Bagdassarian , Nicolas Lormeau, Anna Cervinka, Jean Chevalier, Élise Lhomeau, Clément Bresson, Adrien Simion

»Oct. 7. – Friday«
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